Logo detection control

OnlineControl can analyze livestreams in Realtime, screen the content automatically and detect the presence of logos. No matter if it`s in the background, the lower third, or even on the moving athlete.

The future of Sponsor reports

Tracking of different layers

Tracking up to 5 livestreams simultaneously

No more fake reports

Video analytics

As an ad-on to the Social Media Content analysis, OnlineControl also offers to track and analyze all your video content, which has been uploaded by you, the media or even individual users.

We find, follow and protect your content


Social Media Channels

Video Platforms

Blogs and Vlogs

Anti-Piracy Video Service

„The publication of protected work like pictures or videos on freely accessible platforms on the Internet is illegal and compares with a copyright violation.“

Realtime monitoring of events

Scanning entire web for violations

Focusing on Social Media platforms

Define acceptance of private publications

Social Media analytics of performance

We deliver customized web – & social media reports from selected live events. This report can be used to present values in social media networks to your partners.

Where is your project present?

Who is talking about your project?

What are they talking about your project?

Differentiate positive & negative comments

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