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Who we are

OnlineControl is a product of passion. We invested a lot of time and energy over the past years to reach the goal which was clear from the beginning: Our clients get their requested information as fast as possible.

In 2018 we started with the idea of creating a digital one-stop-shop reporting tool for events, federations, rights holding companies and generally just for everyone involved in sports & media. We enlarged our portfolio in 2019 and also supported cultural events, influencers and even some commercial campaigns with our reporting tools. During the pandemic in 2020 we supported several sport clubs and federations with finding creative ideas to compensate sponsorship payments with digital output and delievering the respective analysis and reportings. And now we want to convince you, because….

  • We always develop.
  • We never stop being creative.
  • We love customizing OnlineControl to your needs.

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