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We analyze any or all videos we report in OnlineControl and deliver detailed sponsorship visibility data directly to you.


Our in-house coded software is unique on the market. Three years of development by international specialists are done. It is made for easy usability and brings you all the numbers you will need.

Why you should use Logo Detection

Detection report

Live detection correctness
Delayed analysis correctness

Analyzing your logos in detail

Our brand-detection-tool allows you to scan pre-defined live streams in real-time and detect the presence of logos in moving images. This allows you to validate brand appearances within seconds.


Scanning logos in real-time

With our own sat-downlink we can receive and record more or less any signal you want, i.e. we are able to analyze a national- and a world-feed at the same time, live or delayed. Through our web-based reporting tool, you can access the detailed data of your brand and create individualized reports.

Our brand detection tool provides you with all relevant details:

Brand Score

Our so-called Brand Score gives you the possibility to compare visibilities of your sponsors at your event or compare your visibility from event to event – and this even LIVE – what makes it the unique part of OnlineControl.

Our Brand Score considers the most relevant KPIs:

Infront Sports & Media

OnlineControl provided Infront Sports and Media with the relevant data for balancing the brand visibilities of their sponsors during the live transmissions of the IBSF Bob & Skeleton World Championships 2021 in Altenberg, Germany.
With our tool the staff on-site was able to compare brand visibilites in real time on their mobile phones/laptops and adapt banner positions along the track between the heats, if needed.
Therefore all adaptations and changes of banner positions were based on factual data and not just subjectively.

European Athletics Indoor Championships Torun/Poland 2021

On behalf of Eurovision Sport OnlineControl delievered the brand analysis for all event sponsors at the European Athletics Indoor Championships 2021 in the live and delayed broadcasts. As we are able to check brand visibility during any live production, we are focussing on the marketing aspects of the event as well. Dedicated analysis for groups like specific EBU members can be done as well to analyze brand visibility on athletes, in graphics or the venue itself. Additionally we delivered live data from Thursday to Sunday permanently regarding so- cial media statistics and digital brand visibility.