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Online control

Video DTM and OnlineControl Partnership Season 2021

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Automatic & manual screening inhouse developed

Dedicated, permanent staff LIVE during each event.

“Takedown-Request“ button available for clients

Special channel section/Dashboard available

flexible to adapt to customers requests

Data displayed to customers needs

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Our new way of tracking your visibility


We measure the value of your Social Media


We find, follow and protect your content

Understanding what we do - check out our short explanation video

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Full Analysis Service

Broadcast / Streams / Social Media / Web / Logo Visibility


OnlineControl is screening digital platforms and social media for legal and illegal distributed content


Trained staff or the client is classifying video content as legal, illegal or grey-listed.


Illegal content will automatically start the take-down process of the file from websites and social media platforms, or client uses the in-build “delete button” to take direct action himself. All video-details remain available if client wants to take legal action against uploaders or distribution channels.


Clients will get access to our Realtime Dashboard for live screening, monitoring and personalized reporting.

What is online control?

Recordings of the live events appear again and again on a wide variety of platforms. But the content is also shared on social media, sometimes legally or even without the rights being acquired. We help prevent this from happening.

Logo detection control

Our brand-new Logo-detection-tool allows us to scan predefined livestreams in real-time and detect the presence of logos in moving images. This allows you to validate sponsor/Logo appearances within seconds.

Video analytics

With the technology advancing and more and more dissemination possibilities, protecting the rights of your content is getting increasingly difficult. With our in-house developed system, we make sure that your video content remains your video content.

Social Media analytics of performance

We deliver a personalized report of your project with clear focus on how your project is delivered and accepted by your target group!

Anti-Piracy Video Service

Our in-house developed software is designed to find your protected content and take the necessary action to protect your rights!