Anti-Privacy Video Service

Realtime monitoring of events

Scanning entire web for violations

Focusing on Social Media platforms

Define acceptance of private publications



OnlineControl is screening digital platforms and social media for legal and illegal distributed content


Trained staff or the client is classifying video content as legal, illegal or grey-listed.


Illegal content will automatically start the take-down process of the file from websites and social media platforms, or client uses the in-build “delete button” to take direct action himself. All video-details remain available if client wants to take legal action against uploaders or distribution channels.


Clients will get access to our Realtime Dashboard for live screening, monitoring and personalized reporting.

Dashboard & Reporting

We  created a self explaining tool which is accessible with  individual links by each client. A summary as well as detailed information can be selected and shows all necessary information for the client.

In addition, all videoclips are stored in the cloud. They can be viewed and  filtered by the user.

The report is a living  document and will be updated permanently.


Our in-house developed software is designed to find your protected content on all relevant platforms and enables you to take the necessary actions to protect your rights! We follow your protected content We track the distribution of your video content and collect all event-related videos by


Our trained staff is scanning the entire web for violations and classifies the video content as legal, illegal or grey-listed. Together we define the acceptance of private publications. Illegal content will then be taken down automatically by our system or you can decide yourself to use the ‚DELETE‘-button.

Best Case Study

In the past years, Austrian Ski Federation and the famous Kitzbühel Ski Club were facing more and more right violations, especially on digital channels, of their Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm Races content which led to a reduced value for the official rightsholders.
With our tracking tool, we detected over 1.100 videofiles on social media channels or websites with more than 400 of these videofiles being used illegally either on private channels, but also on commercially driven channels.
Our Anti-Piracy staff reported all commercially used files to the Austrian federation and we initiated the take down process on their behalf.


All video-details remain available on our servers, if you want to take legal action against uploaders or distribution channels.